Is it normal to feel anxiety when you have to make a decision? Sure it is! Asking questions and thinking the choices through is part of being human. But what if the anxiety becomes debilitating? Well, that’s just awful. 

One of the core reasons we feel massive anxiety around decisions is that we’re scared we’re going to make the wrong one. But by not making a decision at all, we’ve actually made one. And many decisions in life have an expiration date, and once that window is gone, we’ve lost the opportunity to choose. 

Nelson Mandela once said, “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” 

We won’t always make the right decisions, but I feel confident in saying that not making decisions is worse. Most people have regrets over what they didn’t do, rather than what they did do, even if what they did do wasn’t as awesome as they thought it would be. 

In the week ahead, think about a looming decision. Can you challenge yourself to make a choice? 

I am here if you want to talk through this.

Life is good.

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